K1 Visa Application – How To Find K1 Visa

Is the fiance(e) a foreigner? Do you want to get wed and reside in the U . s . States? If that’s the case, then you may need a K1 visa. K1 visa application could be a very complicated process as there’s lots of documents involved. Very frequently, applications are delayed or denied because of inadequate information provided. In case your trying to get K1 visa, adopt these measures:

I-129F Petition

The initial step starts with the I-129F petition. The shape is self explanatory and can request fundamental information such name, birth date, address, etc. Each one of these information ought to be recognized to you and also you shouldn’t have any problems completing the questions. The key factor however, may be the supporting documents associated the I-129F petition.

Some petitioners submit their application without understanding that they should also supply the relevant documents to aid it. This error frequently leads to their application being delayed or perhaps denied. The next products ought to be provided along with the I-129F petition:

Signed statements from both you and your fiance(e) declaring the intent to marry

Documentary evidence of getting met previously 2 yrs (photos,etc)

Passport size photo individuals. Passport size photo of the fiance(e).

G-325A form for you personally. G-325A form for the fiance(e). The G-325A provides biographic information of the baby.

Documentary proof that you’re a U.S citizen (birth record, passport, etc)

Each one of these documents ought to be sealed along with I-129F petition and delivered to the U . s . States Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS).

Waiting Game

After you have posted the package, the waiting game begins. Awaiting approval in the USCIS occupies an enormous most of the amount of time in trying to get K1 visa. The whole review process can require 4-5 several weeks!

Once things are in working order, the USCIS will be sending a notification informing you from the approval. Your petition will be paid towards the U.S embassy of the fiance(e) country.