Why Traditional Organizations Neglect To Leverage Web 2 . 0. Technologies

Recent finding reveal that Traditional Organizations have a problem in adapting Web 2 . 0. technologies*. Web 2 . 0. technologies like Wikis, Social Networking, User Generated Content, etc. are significantly various and traditional organizations aren’t structured to benefit from these emerging technologies. In my opinion you will find 3 primary explanations why Web 2 . 0. may have difficulty penetrating traditional corporate world.

Flow of Ideas

Inside a traditional organizations, ideas flow in unidirectional fashion. It is the management that establishes a company strategy and motivates their workers to apply or work at that strategy. Information flow can also be controlled through the management. Conventional corporate knowledge states that employees don’t need to recognize all the complexities behind running the company. It’s revealed on the ‘need to know’ basis.

In Web 2 . 0. world, ideas don’t follow any rigid preset direction. The data freely flows which consequently generates relevant and large ideas. Anyone with a good idea can galvanize and make an ecosystem in addition to momentum around that concept.

Power Structure

Within the traditional organization, the ability structure is vertical and top lower. The manager may influence how and just what the workers could work on. Hierarchy is principally predisposed. Top executives should be smarter than middle management. Middle management should be smarter than individual contributors. This hierarchal power structure gives management a feeling of direction regarding where you can place their organization.

In Web 2 . 0. world the ability structure is horizontal. The individual using the finest idea may influence how and just what to operate on. Community of sources saying yes with this person, will combined efforts to organize themselves to complete the concept. Also, there’s no idea of hierarchy within the Web 2 . 0. world. Actually, this insufficient hierarchy causes it to be everything effective.